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Jockey and Trainer

At Richard Rowe Racing we concentrate on assessing each horse individually, right from the very start, and for the duration of their time in training. We introduce additional aspects into their daily routines, thus eliminating boredom and keeping them interested as we vary their work regime on the approach to race fitness.

As we commence each season after their summer break, we start with six weeks on the road & hacking up the hills, this assists in hardening the tendons and making them use their muscles correctly, thus providing a good base to build on once they get into faster work. As the season progresses we take them on longer hikes which they enjoy and this varies their work routines.  We are fortunate in our location, being based at the foot of the South Downs as we can safely access endless acres of downland in addition to our own schooling & galloping facilities.

Throughout the season we have sessions of pole and school work, this makes them supple and develops muscle in the right area. This is also utilised as we introduce them to jumping, thus developing the correct technique, aiding their confidence and making the whole experience interesting and enjoyable. The older more experienced horses enjoy these sessions too, as it provides an alternative to the home schooling fences and gallops.

Excellent facilities are provided, large airy boxes, horse walker, both all weather and grass gallops including an all weather circular for steady work, schooling hurdle and chase fences and starting stalls.  We also have extensive post and railed paddocks for some “chill time” when the weather permits and enclosed play pens.

We limit the number of horses we have in training at any one time to 30, this ensures that each and every horse is treated as an individual and monitored accordingly. We have regular schooling sessions when Professional jockeys come in to ride work and school as the season progresses, and to familiarise the flat horses with starting stall procedures to ensure they’re comfortable with all that confronts them on race day.

We run the Richard Rowe Racing Partnership, which provides an option to have an interest at a relatively low cost, but are happy to accommodate any formation of Ownership whether it’s Sole or Company Ownership, Leasing/Partnerships/Syndicates or Clubs. Many Owners, now friends, have been with us for many years and the aim has always been to make racehorse ownership a really enjoyable and fun experience.



Southern Cranes

We are in the fortunate situation to have Southern Cranes & Access Ltd as our yard Sponsor. Proprietor Mike Sadler has had horses in training with me since the very start back in 1991.
Southern Cranes & Access are a family run business providing mobile crane hire, contract lifting & powered access solutions. They are also a registered training centre. They operate locally in Sussex and cover Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire as well as London & the surrounding areas.
They have one of the largest and most versatile fleets of access machines & cranes in the south east.
Mike & his wife Jennifer have been stalwart supporters of the yard and having his Company as my yard sponsor is a huge bonus.

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