At Richard Rowe Racing we think it is so important that horses have the individual training that they require. Different to most yards we try and keep our number of horses below 30 so Richard can concentrate on giving the horses the best possible training. Every horse is different and what works for one will not necessarily work for another. We do things a bit differently and go right back to the basics, all are horses are hacked out on the roads and on the hills of the South Downs, this is great for building a good base of muscle and great for chilling them out and keeping them happy.

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We do a lot of Pole and Schoolwork at the beginning and throughout the season. This is very good for keeping the horses supple and makes them use muscles that will help them on the track. We use this method to introduced them to jumping so they develop the correct technique, it also is good for the older horses maintaining confidence. Giving them something else to concentrate on keeping them thinking.

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At Richard Rowe Racing we understand how important roadwork and hacking our horses is. Before the season starts and the horses are coming back into work they do 6 weeks of Hacking on the roads and up the hills. Roadwork is important to Harden up the joints and get the horses using themselves after having their downtime in the field. We also continue to hack them throughout the season, and do longer hikes. This helps their fitness, develops muscle strength and is good for their brains.

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We have a variety of all weather and grass gallops to canter our horses to get them race fit and ready to win. We have a 2 and half furlong round gallop great for steady work, a fabulous 7 furlong all weather gallop along with over a mile long grass gallop. We also have a 5 furlong schooling strip which is great for the jumpers keeping them confident and teaching them the correct jumping techniques they will need on race day.

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